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Acerola Powder – Freeze dried – Organic

Freeze Dried Acerola Powder:

The Acerola tree is believed to originate from the Yucatan (Mexico) and nowadays is distributed from South Texas until South America. Some of the largest acerola plantings are allocated in Brazil. Its fruits are small, round to oblate, cherry-like but with 3 lobes. They are bright red with thin skin, easily bruised and its pulp is a natural source of Vitamin C.
Freeze Dried Acerola Powder is obtained from organic pasteurized acerola pulp submitted to freezing and freeze drying according to the Good Manufacturing Practices. Non fermented product, non-alcoholic, without conservation agents. Natural soirce of vitamin C. No added synthetic ascorbic acid.

  • Vitamin C – 10%, 13% or 20% available
  • INGREDIENTS – Acerola and silicon dioxide (2%).
  • Applications: Confections, candy fillings, dessert and bakery mixes, breakfast cereals, snack mixes and stand-alone snacks.



Product Information
Acerola powder 10% Brazil 5kg or 10kg vacuum bags
Acerola powder 13% Brazil 5kg or 10kg vacuum bags
Acerola powder 20% Brazil 5kg or 10kg vacuum bags

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