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Carob Germ Protein Powder – Plant Based Protein

Carob Germ Protein Powder also known carob protein, is produced from the seeds of the fruit of carob trees. Carob seeds have long been exploited predominantly to obtain locust bean gum (LBG), which is used in food industry, and it has unique properties in many applications, such as Ice Creams, Cream Cheese, Jelly products, Sauces and Dressings.

Carob Germ Protein Powder also known as carob germ flour is derived from the germ of the carob seed and can be supplied in 30% to 55% protein. A free flowing light yellow powder with a nutty flavour, it is allergen free and rich in soluble and insoluble fibre. It is fast becoming a popular choice as it is 100% lactose and animal product free making it ideal for vegans, vegetarians and those who are following a plant based diet. It is also celiac-friendly.


  1. Protein powder – single ingredient
  2. Bakery ingredient
  3. Protein bar/ball ingredient
  4. Emulsifier
  5. Stabilizer
  6. Vegan products
  7. Plant based milk/beverage ingredient.

Can substitute:

  1. Lecithin emulsifiers from soy – (Carob germ has very similar amino-gram of soy)
  2. Lecithin emulsifiers from sunflower
  3. Other Emulsifiers & stabilizers
  4. Protein ingredient

Advantages of carob germ powder:

  1. Gluten free
  2. GMO-Free
  3. Allergen free: Carob is not known as an allergen.
  4. High protein
  5. No numbers required on ingredients label.
  6. 100% chemical free production: mechanical extracted seeds
  7. 100% natural
  8. No “off taste” when compared to pea protein.
  9. Organic certified version available
  10. Sustainability: Carob used in our products are grown using no pesticides, fertilizers, or any irrigation.
  11. Silver ECOVADIS sustainability rating
  12. Halal and Kosher certified
Product Information
Carob Germ Powder / Carob Protein 55% Italy 20kg - 500kg - 1,000kg
Carob Germ Powder / Carob Protein 50% Italy 20kg - 500kg - 1,000kg
Carob Germ Powder / Carob Protein 40% Italy 20kg - 500kg - 1,000kg
Carob Germ Powder / Carob Protein 30% Italy 20kg - 500kg - 1,000kg

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